Why is my RAM lower than what I paid for?

Your memory or RAM is not lower, it is only being allocated as needed by you. If you paid for a Windows VM with 4GB of RAM then you can use up to 4GB. So if your Windows VM is showing less than what your VM stats are for then that means you're using less RAM and more will be automatically allocated when needed up the maxmimum amount your VM is capable of.

You can see the maxmimum RAM capactiy of your VM in the Task Manager:

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Which operating system can I select?

Currenclty we only offer Windows Server 2016 Standard for our Windows VPS.

How do I change my password in my Windows VPS?

Changing the password on your Windows VPS is easy. 1. Please login and click on the Windows start...

What happens if I reach my bandwidth limit?

You will be notified and your service may be suspended.

Does your Windows VPS include a Windows license?

Yes, we provide a Windows licesne and Windows will be activated upon order.

What virtualization technology do you use?

All of our Windows VPS are powered by Hyper-V.